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Bubble Shooter

Bubble Shooter is one of the most addictive casual games ever! Featuring both puzzle and shooter genres and enjoyable bubble theme, this game was originally developed for Microsoft Windows by Absolutist Games in 2000. Shoot the bubbles to match the same colored ones - and enjoy the explosion fun!
Bubble Shooter Screenshot 1 Bubble Shooter Screenshot 2 Bubble Shooter Screenshot 3 Bubble Shooter Screenshot 4
Bubble Shooter Premium Edition: top game for top players!
Do you want to experience something new? Try Bubble Shooter Premium Edition: in this version of Bubble Shooter you will discover three themes (Underwater, Gems and Classic), eight bubble skins - and a beautiful screensaver with colorful bubbles, available after earning 50000 points!
Get Bubble Shooter for Windows
Get Bubble Shooter for Mac

Get Bubble Shooter for Android!

Bubble Shooter Classic

Bubble Shooter is released for Android!

Android version of Bubble Shooter has finally gone live! Two game modes and a few difficulty levels offer deeper arcade experience for the true fans of this skill game. The version supports a number of resolutions, so you can play it both on tablets and smartphones.
Bubble Shooter for Android

Bubble Shooter for Android

Looking for Bubble Shooter for iPhone?

Bubble Shooter for iPhone iBubble Shooter

Bubble Shooter is available for iPhone!

With two gameplay modes (Collector and Sniper) and four levels of difficulty, iBubble Shooter is our biggest gift for all the iPhone users around the world!
Get iBubble Shooter - Bubble Shooter for iPhoneiBubble Shooter allows you to save your progress in the game, so you can come back to the bubble shooting fun whenever you want!


Enjoy Bubble Shooter on iPad!

iBubble Shooter HD

Bubble Shooter has just arrived on iPad!

The bubbles are getting bigger and better on your iPad! Much higher screen resolution allows easier, more precise targeting. Bubble Shooter HD also supports 'Rotation Lock' feature: you can play this game in any position you find comfortable!
Get iBubble Shooter HD - Bubble Shooter for iPad

Bubble Shooter for iPad

Choose your version of Bubble Shooter:


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